Frequently Asked Questions.

During the ‘on-boarding’ process you will have the opportunity to tell us exactly how you would like your customers managed. This is a totally customisable solution.
Not a problem. We cover 97 countries via our partnership with GCS Wherever your customers are, we can be there too!
During the ‘on-boarding’ process you can tell us about how all your customers are managed including their terms and conditions. We will apply the same ‘rules’ when we take over.
Just let us know the details and we will mirror this in our solution for you.
We can agree with targets when we are in the ‘on-boarding process’.
As part of the ‘getting started’ process, we will agree to all communication content with you in advance. As we are the experts, however, we will make recommendations based on our vast experience.
A combination of letters/text/email and calls. All delivered in your name.
All calls will be answered in your name. We will be invisible to your customer.
This varies by sector/country etc. However, all communications in the ‘action network’ will be agreed with you in advance.
Yes, you can. However, we have vast experience and we will advise you before we start.
We will not manage disputes unless previously agreed with you. Normally we will pass on any disputes / queries to you.
Yes. You will be given access to ‘Clientview’ A portal that lets you see activity 24x7.
We will talk you through it at the ‘on-boarding’ meeting but it is very simple and requires very little from your side.
‘Always On’ means that you will have the benefit of a team of professional credit controllers guaranteed 5 days a week. You never have to worry about: holiday leave / sick leave / maternity-paternity leave / no recruitment for staff leaving etc. There are no ‘gaps’ in our service!
No, our software can work with any accounting software.
At the ‘on-boarding’ meeting we will discuss what current terms you have with all your clients. We will also agree in advance, what actions we will take including the time between actions.
You have several options including legal action. We will discuss all of these with you and offer professional advice. We are part of the Ward Group which includes Hugh J Ward solicitors.
From ‘shake hands’ to implementation takes about four weeks
It is not usually required but we can arrange this.
Absolutely! You will have an account manager assigned to you and you will have a number to contact all the time.
This happens from time to time and this can be done with a simple call and an email to confirm.
Four months is the minimum term, however, the usual contract termination rules apply.
This is covered in our terms etc but you can cancel with a call and email to confirm.
You will have a contact number in CMOS and an assigned account manager to help you with any problems.
Absolutely. This will be discussed and agreed at the ‘on-boarding’ stage.
You can access ‘Clientview’ our portal for viewing activity on your account on any web-enabled device.

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